I truly put my complete trust in Brooke, and I can’t recommend doing so enough. Anything that you think you want can’t possibly be as beautiful and authentic as what Brooke is able to envision and ultimately create for you. As corny as it sounds, I think she knew me better than I knew myself! She was able to perfectly complement our big, bold Tahoe background with simple, elegant, and intentional blooms. And, just thinking about my bridal bouquet makes me tear up! Brooke pours so much love and care into her work, and it shows. Brooke is a complete joy to work with. I can’t recommend Rise Floral and Brooke enough!



To summarize just how amazing and talented Brooke is, I cried the second she brought my bouquet to me on my wedding day. Her work is magical, she cares so much, and she is the sweetest human I’ve ever known. I am so grateful that we were able to have her as our florist while she was still in Orlando because honestly, no other florist could have created anything close to what she did for us. Brooke, no words can formulate a review worthy enough to describe you but this will have to do!

Natalie R.

Look no further. You've found your florist. Working with Brooke at Rise Floral was the best decision I made for our wedding at The West Shore Cafe in Lake Tahoe. To be honest, I pushed my budget because after one phone call with Brooke I knew I had to work with her. Again, best choice ever. Her talent, understanding, skill, and love for her craft shine through in every arrangement. My husband and I didn't have a set color scheme and I was super all over the place with any decision making. I trusted Brooke to create a vision for our wedding and she nailed it! She knew I was rockin' a red lip and the color combo she came up with was just incredible. We didn't have anything else on the tables aside from Brooke's arrangements and some candles (which Brooke helped me pick out). I'm so glad her centerpieces were highlighted. Every guest was taking pictures of the flowers! All said and done, I can't wait to host another event and get to see her talent again. She truly is such a gem. Her vision, creativity, and talent are inspirational. So much love.

image1 (3).jpeg


Blown away is an understatement. There's something special about finding a vendor that you get extremely excited to get emails from because you know it's going to make you even more impatient for your big day - that was Brooke. She was super easy to work with throughout the entire planning process and she kept great contact.

Looking back at our big day, the beautiful arrangements and bouquets Brooke created are my favorite part. I’m not exaggerating when I say they literally had me in tears with how beautiful they were. We received so many compliments on all of the flowers and how well they tied everything together. Brooke (and her amazing team who put together our fairly large flower request) truly surpassed any visions I had for our arrangements and I truly don't think we could have had a better experience!


Brooke is a dream. At our first meeting, her eyes were filled with excitement and an obvious vision and she began to get to know me and the wedding vision. All it took was that one meeting to know I had to book Brooke! As time went on, she remained incredibly accessible. We texted regularly and she always kept me updated. We decided to keep my bouquet at a bit of a surprise and I'm SO glad I let her take the lead. On the morning of my wedding, Brooke came to my bridal sweet with my stunning bouquet and an incredible hug. The moon gate arbor was a DREAM. The table décor was perfection. I mean, we got the most compliments on food and flowers! Brooke, you've got a lifelong fan and friend and I can't wait for you to share your skills with the world. You were the above and beyond vendor brides dream of.